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phpMyAdmin 3.0.0

Requirements for 3.0.0:
PHP 5.2+, MySQL 5.0+; refer to Documentation.html for required PHP extensions
Improvements for 3.0.0:
+ [table] support MySQL 5.1 PARTITION: CREATE TABLE / Table structure,
partition maintenance
+ [privileges] support for EVENT and TRIGGER
+ [gui] Events
* minimal support on db structure page
* export
+ [engines] Maria support
+ [engines] MyISAM and [...]

[Dovecot-news] v1.1.4 released

- SORT: Yet another assert-crashfix when renumbering index sort IDs.
- ACL plugin fixes: Negative rights were actually treated as positive
rights. ‘k’ right didn’t prevent creating parent/child/child mailbox.
ACL groups weren’t working.
- Maildir++ quota: Fixes to rebuilding when quota limit wasn’t
specified in Dovecot (0 limit or limit read from maildirsize).
- mbox: [...]

HostingCon 2008 Wraps Up Today

In its final year of planning the event, Interjuncture ( hosts the final day of the hosted services industry’s largest conference and trade show, HostingCon 2008 (, from Chicago’s Navy Pier.
iNET Interactive (, which acquired HostingCon earlier this month, will take full control in planning the event from here on out, starting with HostingCon 2009.
The [...]

DemoWolf acquires competitors and

(Nova Scotia, Canada) – DemoWolf ( has made two significant acquisitions this week, acquiring competitors and, in two separate transactions. The acquisition of these two brands will help solidify DemoWolf as the market leader in providing branded tutorials to the hosting industry.
As is the case with DemoWolf, ( produces flash support tutorials [...]